Young Artists Platform


The Young Artists platform is the interface between Les Brasseurs and the emerging creation.
The projects of the Young Artists platform are setting up encounters between artists and art professionals, students and teachers, as workshops and public presentations. 
Jérôme Mayer, artist in charge of this platform and teacher at the Académie-École supérieure des arts de la ville de Liège, aims for the cross-disciplinary between professional fields, developing projects proposing visibility and new opportunities for young artists, and partnerships with other structures and cultural actors.

Essential element of the platform, enlightened day and night in the frontage of Les Brasseurs and displaying six original propositions a year, a large window is dedicated to young national and international contemporary creation. 
The main stake of this laboratory is to spot young creators of all disciplines, offering them to be confronted to the public of Les Brasseurs and the public of the street, in a experimental dynamic of exploration.
Martijn Riksen (NL): Untitled, 2015
Géraldine Py (FR) & Roberto Verde (IT): La Réserve, 2015