Stan Van Steendam: Pico


Pico, installation - 540 x 250 x 120 cm, 2015.
jute, cement, plaster, pigment, recycled wood, rope

Pico is a desolate volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Through personal observation of this black and magical place, Stan Van Steendam created a paradigmatic language in drawings, paintings and sculptures. This installation presents a series of sculptural objects. The used materials, cement, plaster, pigments and jute strongly show his signature. The viewer is inevitable confronted with the roughness of nature’s treasures and its powerful laws.

The sculptures are the result of a series of acts and therefore unfinished. As in a constant state of change, the imperfect condition is natural and spontaneous. At first glance the sculptures look like common stones, however the works show a human aspect through colour, matter and form. Their primitive appearance reflects on human’s nature and existence.