Jolien Naeyaert EN


Le paysage me regarde de sa fenêtre, installation - 540 x 250 x 120 cm, 2016.
video projection on glass, folding table, artist book: wOAndering (2015), text on paper sheet, lit lightbulb

The landscape stares at me from its window

"Exploring different media, my relation to the landscape is of an experimental nature. I like to stay aware to what a location has to offer me and experiment with it.
Using a caravan that is at the same time as a mean of transportation, a living space and a creative tool, I try to understand the way I look at the world and the way it looks back at me - the way I view things and how it developed in relation with the built and unbuilt spaces I evolve through.

In a search for new architectural and creative methods, I wander from place to place in Belgium and abroad. As soon as internet, road maps and GPS are put aside, I can imagine strategies that relate to my wanderings and the singular connexion they create with the landscape."