Manon EN



Manon de la Kethulle (BE) - Pyjama Party

Until the age of 14, Manon keeps an adoration for Barbie dolls that she perceives as an extension of herself, more evolved, more affirmed.
Through those opens up a parallel universe where most extravagant adventures are allowed. Her creativity expresses by role-play, home-made outfits, punk’s haircuts and flattering blue pencils make-ups for smoldering look.
There is nothing dull about those dolls. On their plastic knockers grow chrome-plated personalities of crazy beautiful young women ready for anything, especially the worst.
The cocoon-room becomes a film-location for flamboyant scenes. There, the characters feel free and safe. The walls of her fortress get covered with a patchwork of picnic images cut in feminine press : a way to appropriate the space and, for the first time, owning a room of herself.

Time goes by. The light swallows garish colors then spits them out faded. A nostalgic freeze-frame of an in-between quickly vanished. Bedroom’s intimacy bared in front of everyone. Pretty contrast.


Manon de la Kethulle, Pauline Salinas Segura