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Hannah Kalaora (FR) - 400 h 

400 h.
400 h stop.
400 flat h, then 400 mountainous h.
After the 40 h of work ; the 400 h of mandatory break. The required shut-off. 
The capitalist keeps on running until exhaustion.
The locked-down is compelled to catch his breath.
400, Jesus on his cross or Marilyn still smiling on multicolor after 58 years, everlasting death after the Everlasting. 
400, it’s the end of the world. The end that surrounds everything, then cancels it, then transforms it. 
Must this end be brutal and violent? 
Let’s admit that it could be gentle and peaceful.
Instead of blazes, bombs and thousands of death people, birds would sing and humans dance…
400 h.
400 pistachios during lock-down. 
400 dots.
Final point. 
Inconceivable backward step.