Chloé SCHUITEN et Clément THIRY EN


Chloé SCHUITEN (BE) et Clément THIRY (FR), Sanatorium industriel

As a duo since 2015, we are committed to reshape our ways of living, in order to put newer forms forward. We’re therefore performing experimental living sessions in various spatio-temporal contexts. Each time questioning productivism, energy management and relationship to time.
Sanatorium industriel is an experience initiated in Dunkerque at the heart of the industrial harbor, during a residency at Fructose in March 2019. It stands as a care given to territory. Under the influences of walk, fast and sleep, we pay a close attention to this environment and we try to foster a dialogue with these oversized species which seem hostile to any human presence. We soak our territory up and we spread into it, without any limit. Healing our environment stands as healing ourselves. This experience will extend in Brussels early September in collaboration with Shanna Legrin and Marin Bouveau, Robin Morrels, students at Dunkerque’s Fine Arts and Erg (Bxl). The exhibition at Les Brasseurs will be the restitution of that experience.