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Achille L. Santantonios (BE) - Security First

The central topics of my work are linked to material and social consumption and empathy in our contemporary world. Through alter-egos, I exploit the imperfection of our certainties to question their flaws. Security First is part of a series of characters born of disillusionment and thrived on solutions at all costs. These representations use their egos as a self-defense tool facing external attacks and the reality that surrounds us. Using humor and self-mockery, I try to de-banalize everyday violence.
My work explores the impossibility of integrity, creating situations involving moral dilemmas.

Security First embodies our permanent anxieties, whether or not based on real dangers. This raises the question: What would my life be like if I were no longer afraid?
By producing objects of desire, Security First promises to make our fears comfortable.

A.L. Santantonios