Yan Conteau EN


Yan Conteau (FR) - Diptyque n° 61 – 63 

"We’re building ourselves from a scrapbook filled with images of existences we’ve never experienced. We’re attentive, attracted by a past that mystifies us. For my part, I break up with a dozen generations of carpenters, and I’ll be the last man of this generation to even bear the name. Of course it has repercussions on my current life, unconsciously, since childhood. I’ve built myself an image of those people I’ve never known, people that became characters in my imagination, standing by my side. All these stories, familial or historical, from which we descend from. It’s hard to fit in, in this determinism, dictating how to behave ; how to be. Deaths, suicides, accidents… human is born traumatized by its own past. And after, we’re told that interactions between them are not easy…"

Anonymous recording