Julie Savoye en


Presto Digit, installation - 540 x 250 x 120 cm, 2016.
Various objects; painted plaster, wood, paper and fabric; 2 channels video in monitors; 
neon lights

What if it were the path?

She, generous, well intentioned, freezes the time through her thin gestures.

Her hands, wrapped in a white casket, move through the space in a never-ending dance.

Her fingers articulate themselves, weaving elegant fabric of a maternal dress.

She is lying here and there. She reduces the distances, barefoot on the ground.

A playful utopist, a damaged miracle, a game without a case. Ready to blackball the curse.

She, like a pretext. A prehistory. A beginning.

She touches the matter… Organizes her discoveries through her falls.

She sighs… Floating in a warm wind, her flag beats with a dark tone.

Prisoner of her teenage dream and her mystified eyes, her simple yet voluptuous wandering blossoms in those fields of desire when only childhood has the key.

What if those pieces of time couldn’t be erased anymore? Like witnesses gathered as the colors of a memory?

She breathes.

To her, the alchemy between the body and the object takes place in an intuitive gesture.

A precise artisanal manipulation.

She is a self-taught expert devoted to all of your wishes.

What if… you were following her path?

Dimitri Arcanger