Schmitt EN


“void setup(){colonnes VGA” (2017)
2 modules de 150x45x45cm
écrans VGA, plantes, néons horticoles, électronique
courtesy galerie Catherine Issert
“arrimage #02042018” (2018)
dimensions variables
composition sur rails d’arrimage
courtesy galerie Catherine Issert
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 “résolution #0001” (2016)
“void setup(){cadavres exquis dans un bol” (2018)
“void setup(){infinite monkey theorem” (2017)
“intérieur froissé #04” (2014)
“void setup(){bloc d’alimentation” (2017)
“void setup(){self consciousness” (2016)

MATHIEU SCHMITT (FR) - si sinon alors 

The works of Mathieu Schmitt usually call on « incontrollable elements », acting from the creative process to the exhibited installations. In that way, for this artwork, an electronic system is used to detect and interpret the electrical activity between foliage plants. Data are then processed in various ways, enabling - through that prism - plants to manage their own intake of light, rewrite poems from selected extracts of haikus, or shift a module drawing on a thermo-chromic surface.
Provoking mistake, troubling the creative process or involving incontrollable elements are Mathieu Schmitt’s ways to let the dialogue open between his creation and himself. He exploits a precept of Heinz Von Foerster and applies it to the fields of art. The scientist has been a major contributor to radical constructivism. The latter is an approach of knowledge, based upon the idea that our image of reality or the notions structuring that image, are the product of the human psyche interacting with this reality, and not the exact reflection of the reality itself.