Benoît Paes en


Close Encounters, installation - 540 x 250 x 120 cm, 2016.
spaghettis n°5, nylon thread, black acrylic painting, black tulle, neon light

Close Encouters is the daily life and the innocent game played by a vacant hand, sometimes plastic, sometimes elastic, deformed and reformed. The interlacing between night and day, the combination of dream fragments and dismembered nightmares. The uncertainty that appears when callous individual actions and collective results collide. Encounters getting closer. An innocent game that extends into a proper activity. The floating observations that flow, the background that builds up and takes shape, a story that connects things together.

"Here we have a Panzani advertisement: some packets of pasta, a tin, a sachet, some tomatoes, onions, peppers, a mushroom, all emerging from a half-open string bag, in yellows and greens on a red background.  [...] Hence in every society various techniques are developed intended to fix the floating chain of signifieds in such a way as to counter the terror of uncertain signs [...]" (R. Barthes).