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Marine Kaiser (CH) - Stuff & Feelings 0% 100%

Marine Kaiser bases her practice on the observation of human’s adaptation strategies facing displacements of social, historical and economical contexts.

0% 100% is part of the project Stuff & Feelings, created in 2018 during a residency at Le 18, Marrakech. By researching about the « courier and freight » services, informal delivery companies between Morocco and Belgium, the artist interrogates the shift of affects and habits through displaced environments, following the movement of these merchandises.

0% 100%, percentages from the mercantile vocabulary whose values and meanings warp from one side to the other of the Mediterranean sea. Calling famous post-conceptual neon artwork as well as the hectic urban lighting of Marrakech.

Placed on a counterfeit blank decor, these crafted neons in blown glass, switched on by the flow of people passing by, perform a marketing of absolute even parasitized by a non-fluid shape and a non-cooperative position.


Marine Kaiser, Pauline Salinas Segura