Alexane Sanchez (FR) - La déchirure du même

If we had to stage the fervor of the earth itself, the clay of terror, the blind game of our urges, the colorful and savage joy of being a body offered to appetites, it has to be imagined in the hollow of an ideal, in elegant and caring arms however already trembling from carrying the stakes of predation and their own perversion. Then a careful yet naive violence carries away the image in which what is separated finds how to tell, how to conciliate the forces and sign the white sheets of this romp.

Because it is necessary that the representation unravels : Circus, in which play and dance the disguised concern and fascination of a nature which stumbles and arises on the verge of desolation, on the shadow of our dead. Images make sense because they mean a breach in confort, a flaw on the faces of our lies - a semblance of a delicate rampart which secretly invites to the tearing of the same.

Olivier Pé