LAPSE collectif (FR) - Communiquer en silence

To unravel a world of silence. LAPSE, a collective group of artists, apprehends this showcase as an interstice, a meeting point between outside and inside spaces. In this showcase window, the four artists of LAPSE build a setting to make a mute conversation visible. Amidst a scenery altogether abandoned and recycled, motte-like structures rise and crumble, pedestals of a silent communication. An invitation for the passerby to exit the turmoil of the streets to listen to the silence of the artists. Here, all things happen outside the word.

One might recognize a luminous language, the SCOTT code used by sailors, urging you to give up while a fragile equilibrium is at hand just nearby. A sculpture stands upright, balanced, on the verge of falling over, like a funambulist about to step into the emptiness. -/ SI-LEN-CE : these are the syllables frozen and wrapped in the transparent drape full of a mute voice stopped in mid- communication. The words are caught in flight and trapped by matter, while there seems to still be an echo resonating at the back of the image and among the mountain tops.
The avalanche is near.

LAPSE collectif
Alexia Chevrollier
Charlotte Gunsett
Marion Moskowitz
Sophie Pugnet