Van Breda EN



Intruders of a white space 
Leaving stains on a pure surface

Matter out of place

What moves us to define something as dirt and something else as pure? 
It is more than a case of hygiene.
In her book ‘purity and danger’ the social anthropologist Mary Douglas defines dirt as every matter out of place or order. In this way dirt can become a metaphor for social conflicts in society. 
It has always been a powerful weapon used by different subcultures as a way to provoke and go against certain cultural and social rules. This makes it an interesting medium to work with. 
We see dirt as an act of violence, while at the same time it’s inherent to daily live. 
Purity is nothing more than an illusion we want to keep alive, since dirt is unpredictable. 
So is the pigeon that intrudes the vitrine. 
A symbol of freedom and innocence. 
It moves across borders but always fly’s home again. 
Despite of it’s symbolic value we see the pigeon as pollution of our cities. 
In this way the vitrine becomes a mirror for our contemporary society. Where boundaries are being crossed on a daily basis and acts of violence result in cultural shifts. 
What’s the difference between the pigeon inside of the vitrine and the one outside on the streets? 

As the ‘bricoleur’ Bram Van Breda gathers everyday objects, materials and stories, which inspire him to create new spaces. By placing them in a broader perspective he questions our local cultures and environments. Investigating the boundaries between art and design.