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Aimé Bahati

 Romane Bednar

Aimé Bahati (RW) & Romane Bednar (BE)

On a proposal from AIGS (Association Interrégionale de Guidance et de Santé), Les Brasseurs are glad to welcome Romane BEDNAR and Aimé BAHATI in our windows from July 1st to September 1st.

Aimé Bahati, born in 1984 in Rwanda, lives and works in Liège.
Alone with her physically disabled children, his mother runned away from Rwanda in 1995. In that war situation, they have fled to Europe.
His body avoids him to work. One day, he gave his mother a present: the villa of her dreams, a pool on its side, minutely crafted. His scale-model is entirely made with recovered materials.
Aimé would like to build a boat, scaled as the Titanic, to securely ship people (…), a plane or an helicopter to prevent his mother to carry them again.
His scale-models stand as a testament, an incredible story of strength and commitment against the fate of destiny.

Romane Bednar, born in 1998, lives and works in Liège.
Her self-taught and peculiar universe conveys Tchernobyl, Apple, boats, horror movies and fantastic references.
She works on collections, approaching writing as an observation drawing. Questioning with humor the world surrounding us, Romane displays here a part of her various collections, pieces of glass and shiny things.
Gleaned here and there, her collections specifically light up her relationship to the world, just like in her banknotes, teaspoons and rare Pokémon cards.