Alexandre Pirson & Muriel Tihange (BE) - Écho Transmission
"In the echo of the mountains, eternal vanity,
The reflection of a Narcissus, captivated by his beauty,
The mirror of the wave, the trap of deep waters,
Where the adored image plunges unanswered.
Radiance, desire, illusion, mirage,
In the dance of shadows, beneath the soft shore,
The echo of myth, an eternal return,
Memory, skin, light, love."

For their first artistic collaboration, Alexandre Pirson and Muriel Tihange invite us to explore their own interpretation of the famous Greek myth.
This shared work invites us to reflect on the changing nature of image, identity and the transmission of memory in the modern world.
Muriel's artistic approach is imbued with sensitivity and poetry, inviting subtlety with her paperworks, which she treats like skin marked by life. Alexandre, for his part, attempts a dialogue with the viewer's unconscious, using television screens to induce a state of hypnotic absorption.
Their joint work reflects the synergy between traditional and contemporary art, offering a new way of apprehending this ancestral tale.