Blackbox EN


The blackbox is a modular space located at Les Brasseurs’ the first floor.
Featured videographers, filmmakers, visual artists and sound creators are invited to create an specific acoustic and visual environment.

The visitors can sit comfortably within this occulted space in order to watch and listen the presented works in optimal conditions.

The works featured in the blackbox are shown in parallel to the exhibitions of the Cycle and the Young Artist Glassbox, and they are accessible on the same dates and hours.

02.11.17 - 16.12.17
Augustin Gimel (FR)

13.09.17 - 14.10.17
Les sœurs h

17.05.17 - 24.06.17
Maria Kourkouta (GR)
HD video

04.03.17 & 11.03.17
Pablo Méndez (AR)

18.01.17 - 25.02.17
Dimitri Geukenne & William Leroy (BE)
Audiovisual installation

09.11.2016 - 17.12.16
Guy Marc Hinant (BE)
Experimental documentary video

14.09.2016 - 22.10.16
Raymonde Carasco and Régis Hébraud (FR)
Experimental documentary cinema