Dimitri Geukenne & William Leroy EN


Black Box #003

Dimitri Geukenne et William Leroy (BE)
Out of range, 2017
(Interactive installation)

Putting forward that contemporary man is accustomed to watch pictures as some transcriptions of the reality and to mostly hear sounds corresponding to what he sees - where sound supports the image and not the opposite -, Dimitri Geukenne and William Leroy are presenting here a visualisation device of the sound electrical signal, far from the usual method of speaker system diffusion. 

It is all a question of electricity, every nerve’s impulse is generated by a stimulus : here every electrical impulse sets on the basis of an electro-acoustic sound. Therefore Out of range is an interactive installation proposing an immediate visualisation of sounds into images due to interferences created by a digital signal. The appearing images are issued from electrical variations created by the meeting of the surrounding sounds and algorithms.

Dimitri Geukenne is a self-taught musician, video-maker and visual artist, his work develops a study on sound transcription devices. He attempts to create graphical-acoustic systems via the use of circuit-bending. 
William Leroy is a photographer, video-maker and works poetry in programming.