Raymonde Carasco and Régis Hébraud EN


Black Box #001

Raymonde Carasco and Régis Hébraud (FR)
(digital projection)

Trained in philosophy, Raymonde Carasco (1939-2009) devoted her work to a huge and descriptive investigation on movement: gesture, walk, run, dance, quick-wittedness... After exercising on the Gradiva’s famous 'suspended step' theme, her research deploys in Tarahumara country where she makes 18 trips between 1976 and 2001 along with her husband Regis Hébraud. (NB)

Tarahumaras 78, Raymonde Carasco, 1979, 30’, 16mm

"Chronicle of a meeting: that of the Taharumaras Indians and a camera in search for a people. Musical montage: approaches rhythms, traditional gestures and postures. "(RC).

Tutuguri - Tarahumaras 79, Raymonde Carasco, 1980, 25’, 16mm

"Tutuguri is the native, original, pre-Columbian dance: ’Solo que Oï, bailaban Ellos, bailaban’ as Erasmo Palma told us. They have, from the outset, a taste for exhilaration and dancing."(HR)

Los Pintos - Tarahumaras 82, Raymonde Carasco, 1982, 58’, 16mm

"On the occasion of Holy Week’s celebrations, the Taharumaras invent or rediscover the dancing rituals of face and body painted men. Which fight are they commemorating or preparing?” (RC)

Ciguri 96, Raymonde Carasco, 1996, 42’, 16mm

“A meeting with the last great peyote shaman and his healing secrets. These are the winter rites that open the Ciguri Road, the final episode of Antonin Artaud’s Taharumara experience. "(RC)

Nicole Brenez (from her presentation of the retrospective at Cinéma du Réel 2014).