Pablo Méndez EN


Black Box #004

Pablo Méndez (AR)
I. cri II. bateaux-boats-botes III. silence
video, silent, 3’17 in loop, 2017

Monsters exist. They come from everywhere : the sea, the sky, the jungle, the forest, the sand. Earth, water, air.
When you see them, you seek the human shape that fits them the most.
Don’t worry : no monster is kind or nasty.
I saw these monsters for the first time in Marseille in 2016. I’ve seen them afterwards, in several seas, oceans. They always called me to dive into the sea amongst them. I followed them up to the cliffs. I didn't fall down into the abyss. As Butes drawn to the Sirens, I was ready to jump…
Fortunately, a bird crossed the sky.

« As the Nautilus's commander had predicted, my mind was already starting to fall into that promised state of stunned amazement. »
(Jules Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, 1869)
Translated from the Original French by F.P. Walter

After the sinking, looking for the horizon. Finding anything. Seize the wreck.
A shattered journey.

I’m focusing on the poetry of the image, particularly on the affective link that I can develop with it. I’m trying to be and to belong with the image the way one could belong with someone loved.
This affection embraces hypnosis, confusion, amorphous state. These set of feelings and ways of being that creates a relation to images, which is more interesting to me than the images themselves.
Working with images on low resolution in order to arouse imagination, I put life in between actions.