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Black Box #006

Les sœurs h (BE)

Projection (loop)

Même dans mes rêves les plus flous tu es toujours là à me hanter, 
11’37, color, stéréo, 2013

Cher Michel 
2’24, color, stéréo, 2012

La vie de Fräulein Erzebeth est une sorte de chaos organisé

12'06, color, stéréo, 2012

Message subliminal
1'58, color, stéréo, 2012

Since 2011 under the alias Les sœurs h, Isabelle Henry Wehrlin and Marie Henry create video and sound installations which distinctive feature is to confront and question their disciplines - Isabelle working on video and Marie on dramatic writing - and to propose to the spectator some peculiar experiences, in a divided up form of narration. Together, they propose hybrid narrative spaces halfway through visual and performing arts. Strongly tied to the formal aspects, Les sœurs h always attempt to start from the small, the commun, the personal, and to shift these from reality(, real,) by elaborating demonstrative directing and modified images, floating visual environments composed by textual superimpositions. Playfully working with the narrative code of writing, image and sound, they thereby create poetical and off-the-wall worlds, demanding to the spectator-visitor to experience singular temporality, lecture and listening, far away in their formal habits.
Since always, Les sœurs h collaborate with sound designer and musician Maxime Bodson, performing in their installations and performances.