Tom Malmendier

Born in 1984, he started playing music very lately and randomly, thinking that he would probably look (a little more) cooler with a guitar in his hands.
Nothing serious would come up until 2006, when a very good - but jaded - friend would fortunately leave his drum set in Tom’s living room.
First as an autodidact for one year, then following the advices of his future friend Alain Deval for two other years, he starts to tame the instrument, to draw sounds that interests him, varying musical styles and playing with more and more musicians.
Really soon in his process, the improvisation naturally imposes itself as the midpoint of all his musical explorations.
By acquaintance with Michel Massot, and accompanied by Bertrand de Lamalle, he explores the sonic possibilities of his own instrument in connection with others, and together flounder in the infinite but rigorous freedom allowed by the improvisation.
Many workshops in Mulhouse’s Meteo Festival (with Chris Corsano, Mats Gustaffson, Okkyung Lee, Edward Perraud,…), as well as dozen concerts from here to there, have been feeding his research and other sonic experiences.
Today Tom is mainly active in experimental and improvised musics. 

What interests him the most is the musical and personal meetings, and the mix between disciplines. Recent or on-going project with comedians, dancers, a painter, MCs, video artists, jugglers.

He currently performs with L’Oeil Kollectif (, Nystagmus (with Farida Amadou), Manolito (with Olivia Scemama and Thomas Zielinski), Escargot (with Louis Freres, Camille Emaille, Caviare Fertin and Timothée Quost), a duo with Phil Maggi, Cécile Thévenot, with Compagnie Nyash, and many other things…