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  Robin Faymonville, Free, silver photography, 2023 © Clarisse Michaux
Robin Faymonville - Un roman d'apprentissage

I want to bring novels to life. I believe that surprise, breaking away from routine, and breaking down certain ways of doing and thinking are at the core of my work. I aim to create surprise without delving into the spectacular. In a sense, each piece condenses a form of potential life. I call them "plastic fictions."

I've conceived this exhibition as a kind of soundtrack that accompanies my life in its most common and characteristic aspects of the time. But above all, it is an exhibition about adolescence, about self-formation. I belong to a generation for whom the future is not an obvious thing. I've tried to create pieces from this "melancholy of the future." To weave a polyphonic narrative where anxiety mixes with lightness. It's not about denouncing this or that. It's simply about showing, diverting our senses from the highways we travel on.
Robin Faymonville (Malmedy, 1995) trained at the La Cambre painting studio and holds a master's degree in philosophy. His practice explores the possible porosities and translations between the means of communication (writing, speaking, seeing). Un roman d'apprentissage is his first solo exhibition.