CONFLUENCES #4 : Vincent Evrard, Simon Medard, Raphaël Parmentier (BE) - La Montagne Liquide
"Inside every city, every village, every being sinks a mountain, they are liquid. These floating towers connect us to a long history, to the transcendence of bodies.
Through mysticism, through naive ritual, we have invoked one of them.
The cosmic puddle where all truths rest awaits you."

Artistes : Vincent Evrard - Simon Medard - Raphaël Parmentier
Sound engineer: David Henrard

Exploratory audio/visual project born on the Liège electronic scene, in search of meaning and transcendence.
Raphaël is wild, musician, creator of spatialized sound installations, curator at the "Micro festival" and "La Nature festival", and filmmaker: winner of the "Le court en dit long" award in 2012.
Simon is an experimental animator, visual artist and musician, as well as sound curator for "La Nature festival", video artist curator for the "Dour festival" and lecturer in videography at the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Liège.
Vincent writes computer software, is a screen collector, graphic improviser, robotic choreographer, OSICA visual performer, music lover and @matierehumaine avatar on the networks, not to mention professor of digital art at ESA Saint-Luc in Brussels.
David Henrard is a sound engineer for live music (Entrepot, Bota, Aralunaires, Microfestival), and an immersive sound designer for theater, radio fiction, podcasts and installations.

Unconscious imaginers