Katrin Ströbel EN


Katrin STRÖBEL (DE) - Be like a mangrove she said 

Becoming sculpture. Undoing sculpture.
There was a time when people were supposed to become sculptures. Bodies didn’t move, hands didn’t touch, skins didn’t meet. Spines got stiff, hearts got heavy. Most people were not very good at being sculptures. The birds were laughing about them. The rats were laughing, too.
Still, if you had a closer look, you would discover tiny cracks on the crusted skins, you would discover magma lines of love, rage, loneliness, anger, empathy, suffering, frustration, solidarity, fear, resistance. You would see the tiny rivers of lava in the dark windows of your neighbours at night. The effusive eruption of a woman, crying in the street. You could feel it floating through bodies while queing up in front of a supermarket. Almost invisible. A twitchy finger on your right hand. A twitchy eye lid. A twitchy mind.

Katrin Ströbel, 2020