Jonathan DE WINTER (BE) - Silent Carving 

The auto-da-fé won’t occur. However, he had mentioned it when I came by his studio few months ago. To get rid of some old pieces and canvas by setting fire. To break free from late sculptures made of dripping roofing and Recticel lavas. To cast elements from his typical sonic sculptures off... These chaotic architecture’s sheds from an aestheticism of waste suddenly becoming incandescent by the savage screams of musicians hollering their rage onto the external world, sheltered under some boards and metal sheets...
Jonathan De Winter will rather stir some other flames. The ones from a camp fire into a forest, in order to roughly dry over it a canoe just carved in a fir tree. The ones from a “four papier” in order to freeze the tiles which should be used to cover a bark shelter, and to cook some primitive-shaped instruments and speakers.
The auto-da-fé didn’t occur. Instead, the artist invites us to reanimate and feed with him a pit of resistance to the chaotic outside world. He proposes us to take root in his own independent territory, simultaneously offering the opportunity of a journey. A regeneration beside him.

Corentin Lahaye