Fabien Léaustic - Planète Iode 2015


Planète Iode, installation - 540 x 250 x 120 cm, 2015. Water, salt, laser, mixed media

The transience of things

My work originates in the invisible and ephemeral realms in which we operate. I move and materialize these concepts through my sculptural approach, often borrowing to the aesthetic of experience. I'm conducting a scientific research in the service of art.
This rhetoric of exploration is supported by the materials I use within a dialogue between water and light. Their meeting form installations presenting visual and sonic journeys.
Microphones reveal my dispositives’ intimate life, amplifying their sounds.

The visitor finds himself immersed into an environment that shifts time, space and scale... Emancipating him and  inviting him to re-explore these traditional markers.
Having a grasp at the thinness and subtlety of things.
I attempt to unveil micro-phenomena, usually kept away from our senses. The complex dispositives do not impede the rediscovery of an atmosphere where sounds and shapes seem familiar and whose connections capture the viewer into its cosmic evidence.
Given to observe and manipulate, these installations are a precipitate of imperceptible realities, laying within our sensible universe. Devoid of metalanguage such as digital, the analog approach allows a complete dive at the root of the physical phenomena that I document. 

Fabien Léaustic