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CONFLUENCES #5 : Laura De Jaeger, Nienke Fransen, Julien Jonas (BE), Francisco Correia (PT), Thomas Sadée (NL) - Charlie

“Charlie” is an exquisite corpse. Following the rules of the surrealist exercise, a piece of paper was folded into five equal parts and then passed onto Nienke Fransen, Julien Jonas, Laura de Jaeger, Francisco Correia and Thomas Sadée. Each of them wrote a paragraph only knowing the mandatory word “Charlie”, and the end of the previous writer’s sentence. Afterwards, the exercise was repeated in its most famous format of a distorted body. For Les Brasseurs, the group proposes a third moment wherein the system of an exquisite corpse is applied to the architecture. Therefore, the exhibition space is once again divided into five rigid sections within which each artist intervenes with complete freedom.