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 - 10th cycle of monographic exhibitions - 




Vincent EVRARD, Samuel CARIAUX & Quentin SPOHN


The tenth cycle of the monographic exhibitions could have been symbolized by an X, the one that blocks, the one that says "no".
Initially seduced by the idea of embracing this negation as the theme of this cycle, we preferred to evoke the breach, that vivid chip, that wound in the matter that make us stagging and demands reparation. The six artists who take part in this next cycle flirt with this necessary peril, playing with this fertile and ferocious rift. The healing process is about to begin, welcome all to the critical zone.


After 1X9, Echelle 1/11, Par Défaut, Dis-moi, Dissidence, Sixième Sens, Septième Ciel, 8 & Lueurs, BRÈCHE will headline six artists.


For 30 years, Les Brasseurs provide the opportunity to become partner in the elaboration of monographic exhibitions by a sponsoring system.
In return of their financial support, every sponsors will receive an artwork - original or multiple - by each of the six artists of the Cycle BRÈCHE.

This financial contribution allows the artists to create, produce and present new works never showed to the public, and give you the possibility to constitute a new private and exclusive collection. This collaboration follows a protocol based on 24 monthly installments of 75€ starting from January 2024, tax-deductible.

If you are interested or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on +32 494 34 38 50 or by email at