Started in 2019 as part of the 10th biennale Watch This Space, DISPERSION observes the mutations of a territory and his vegetation, by wondering about the colonisation of ground coal’s specific ecosystem by biological dispersion of exotic plant species.

Laetitia Bica interlaces in-situ collection of documentary traces, their interpretation by scientific imagery, including Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy, and visual creation as new common vocabulary. Using the tangible as vehicle of complexity’s understanding, DISPERSION highlights the possible convergence of rational knowledge with poetical and fictional imaginary, as well as their mutual improvement. Its resettlement at Les Brasseurs is an opportunity for Laetitia Bica to transform the perception of our environment and the relation that we can develop with it.

The photography infiltrates the architecture, blurs the lines following a secret chant, covers the spaces and spreads themselves by experimental processes.
The infinite possibilities of new technologies allow the artist to constantly travel between the old and the new.
Following an organic and metaphysic evolution of an exhibition and the way we look at it.

Pauline Salinas Segura, Les Brasseurs