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Arnaud Eubelen (BE) - Assembly of Fallen Values

A city can be conceived as a cybernetic organism, half-mechanical half-human, whose new prostheses annexe themselves, days after days, nights after nights, on the slums of another history. It remains an infinite inspiration, a multiple and complex entity where value systems, which simultaneously bind and divide us, accumulate in layered architectural sediments.
Interlinked facades say a lot about the identities they contain and protect, about these human flows, elevations and collapses, and potential narratives trapped in material and time.
By guiding our gaze on the constituent elements of the public space, by thinking beyond the banality of everyday life, and by applying a slight modification of reality, Arnaud Eubelen reveals the underground systems of our social practices.
Through the sculptural gesture of breaking down and re-assembling collected materials, fragments, waste, rubble and scrap, he allows us to see the chaotic energy, the entropy, of urban mutations surrounding us. These objects still keep the potentiality of a use, but first and above all, they retain an ephemeral state, a present time, only set by a few nuts, before their future dissolution.

Pauline Salinas Segura, Les Brasseurs

Arnaud Eubelen