Born May 2nd 1983 in Liège.
Writer, composer, performer and visual artist.

Multidisciplinary, self-taught and iconoclastic artist, Volauvent flutters where his desires take him.

Sometimes gloomy and introspective, sometimes eccentric and preposterous, sometimes incisive and subversive, he expresses the multiple aspects of his multitalented character, always willing to question who we are and what we do.
Lately, it seems that his gentleness, his tendency to contemplation, have a primacy.

In 2014, he has published Un rien avant le silence (Maeström), a collection of texts and aphorisms.


Cache-Misère is the attempt to sanctify the absence of the sacred as still holy, or maybe a wrecked sacred as more acting because more real, that is painfully beautiful.

Volauvent produces live samples from audiotapes to create collages, soundscapes, deploying itselves in a crescendo of emotion and intensity.

Looped images support each soundscape. He shoots postcards representing religious figures. Thus they are livening up, and then by camera move flirting with abstraction.

This kind of DIY ambient emerging from outdated audiotapes by capturing some moments of grace, and the gleaned postcards, the two emphasized by grain, distortion and so on, confer a pertinent and efficient vulnerability.

Cache-Misère is a performance with sound samples and video projections about the wrecked sacred (Volauvent : textures and projections).