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Simon MEDARD (BE) - Even when you die, they’ll still come to pick up the garbage.*

Beyond the presence of the object (shape, materiality, color, use, wear) and the interconnections affecting each one of them, Simon Medard is interested in their emotional and symbolic power, so much in their obsessive repetition. Collecting has always been a way to focus his attention, among the load of foreseeable distractions.

For his exhibition at Les Brasseurs, he’ll present the outcome of two residencies live.make.share achieved in Vietnam in 2018 and 2019. Hien Van, an artists’ village located in the North-West of Hanoï, is the starting point of his motorbike’s trips, filled with amazement and raw material.

He’s bringing back drawings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics and, naturally, new collections.

Amongst the latter, woven plastic-yarn bags from different colors. We could find them anywhere in Vietnam, in use in a lot of purposes by the population. Some get branded with logos or trademarks, some become frames for paintings.

Ornate roof tiles, typically laying over ancient dwellings from the surroundings. These are re-painted and annealed.

Besides, a collection of videos : fires, waste bins, flowers, dancers…
Compiled by topics, these videos, by accumulation, provide a better comprehension of filmed subjects and pinpoint the oddity of the outlying sceneries and actions.

He'll invite other artists (Georgia Golebiowski, Neo Maestro, Dick & VLE) to share the walls of Les Brasseurs and will introduce the curator of the live.make.share residency (Elise Luong).

Maxime Moinet

* Charles Bukowski, Post Office, 1971