Simon Defosse & Simon Hennaut 1989 en


1989, installation - 540 x 250 x 120 cm, 2015.
etching on paper, video projection, video camera, stand, HI8 recorder

1989 is an hybrid work that takes two different shapes within different periods. Basically, a video footage taken from a family archive film that has been associated to a print made out of one of the same film's photograms. It results in a two-headed piece that mixes the artists’ first mediums. Worked in Intaglio, an image is separated in eight distinct parts where one can perceive two fading faces, invoking a lost memory. Melancholic spectra, their ghostly appearance is enlightened by the projection's moving beams, bringing its forgotten areas back to life. Altering the piece as well, the street's light amplifies its ambiguity. In daylight the print seems stopped in a belated memory while at night the projector reactivates this image through the ones it brings through its ray. The ones that preceded it and the ones that followed it.