Les Brasseurs collaborate with Revers, structure aiming at local integration through culture.


Do you feel trapped by a destiny that doesn't suit you? Have you lost your bearings? Lost your meanings? New worlds can open up for you!

You'll find here the paths of a new spirituality, custom-made.
To look, is to inherit...
Collective exhibition by Revers :
Sylvana ANZARDI, Abdelhamid BOUHANI, Delphine BOUHY, Anaïs BUDRONI,Yassyn DARRAZI, Sébastien DE TOGNI, Marisa DE GIORGI, Sacha CHAPELIER, Amélie CORNET, Jean-Claude DECONINCK, Aboubacar DIARE, Sabine FEGYA, Abdelkader LAHYANI, Guillaume LAMBERMONT, Claude LEGA, Valérie LEURQUIN, Yahya HNINI, Maurice NYSSEN, Pascale DUBOIS, Joseph SADZOT, Michel SLOCK, Didier SMANS, Carlo SPONTICCIA, Michel VALLEE, Martine VANDEBEEK, Blanche WERA.
During the inauguration, collective improvisation sessions by RIVIÈRES DU MONDE.
RIVIÈRES DU MONDE is a collective created during 2019 by the members of the Atelier Création Sonore of Revers.
On weekly meetings between its participants, the Atelier de Création Sonore consists in interactions and desires to create sonic soundscapes, atmospheres, counting rhymes, chants and field recordings.
Thanks to the cultural diversity that emanates from the people and their singular temperaments, the moments of improvisation become spaces of freedom orchestrated and led by Phil Maggi.
The adventure of sound creation is tamed by collective work and by understanding the other with the help of a new form of language, this alternative communication which is born from listening and artistic communion.