Quaghebeur EN



Rolf Quaghebeur is general director of the multidisciplinary art centre Argos Centre for Art and Media in Brussels since 2011. He started his career as a scholar in medieval art, but his professional experience is mainly situated within the field of contemporary art. From 1999-2004, he worked as a staff-member at S.M.A.K., the museum for contemporary art in Ghent. From 2005-2010, he was running an independent art-space in Ghent, a job that he combined from 2007-2011 with the position of artistic advisor in the team of the Flemish Governments' Architect. Besides these institutional positions, Rolf Quaghebeur also realised several projects (texts, exhibitions,...) on a freelance basis. He curated group and monographic exhibitions with e.g. Jan Van Imschoot, Harun Farocki, Johannes Kahrs, Douglas Gordon, Anno Dijkstra, Wolf Vostell, et. al. and is the author of several texts.