Music & Performance


In addition to our permanent activity throughout the year in the field of contemporary arts, we organize many concerts and performances that represent a wide range of contemporary genres. We are aiming to invite unique projects to find their natural place in our art center in order to further develop the philosophy that we defend and share with our audience.
Artistic  authenticity, independence from commercial contingencies and generosity of approaches are our core values.

Since Les Brasseurs moved out in 2014, we invited the following musicians and performers:

Charlemagne Palestine (US), Yann Gourdon (FR), Peter Fengler (NL), Norberto Lobo (PT), Tashi Dorji (BT-US), Theo Hakola (US-FR), Tanz Mein Herz (FR), Tolouse Low Trax (DE), Aymeric De Tapol (FR-BE), Marc O’Callaghan (ES), Zone Démersale (IT), Pink Twins (FI), Thorsten Streichardt (DE), Martijn Riksen (NL), Hans Beckers (BE), L’armée du chahut (BE), DSR Lines (BE), Cupp Cave (BE), Le Prince Harry (BE), Jason Van Gulick (FR-BE), Phil Maggi (BE), Ornela Venica (BE), Estelle Bibbo (BE), Philippe Cavaleri (BE), Sébastien Demeffe / Vuelta (BE), Henri Death (BE), Thee Supraimes (BE), Ripit (FR-BE), Tzii (FR-BE), Les Equarrisseurs (FR), Lowcommittee (BE), Drazic & Anita (BE), Ryus (BE), Syncom Data (NL), Lee Fraser (UK), Yann Leguay (FR), Krysztoff Dorion (BE), Pierre Berthet (BE), Alain Wergifosse (BE), Cédric Dambrain (BE), Les soeurs h (BE), Maxime Bodson (BE), Juan d’Oultremont (BE), Wilfried N’Sondé (FR), Philippe Grand’Henry (BE), Même les oiseaux puent (BE), Laurent Danloy (BE), Antoine Boute (BE), Christine Aventin (BE), Thibaut Creppe (BE), Jean-Philippe Désir (BE), Benjamin Hollebeke (BE), Basile Kravagna (BE), Ninon Mazeaud (FR), Léonor Thiry (BE), Deborah Thys (BE), Antoine Van Impe (BE), Amandine Vervloet (BE), L’armée du chahut (BE), Ariane Loze (BE), Céline Gillain (BE), Baptiste Brunello (FR), Karine Marenne & Messieurs Delmotte (BE), Florence Giroud (FR), Augustin Gimel (FR), Tom Malmendier (BE), Pascal Leclercq - Poésie Pur Porc (BE), Aurélie William Levaux & Baptiste Brunello (BE/FR), Johana Beaussart (FR), Frédéric D. Oberland (FR), Boris Van Den Eyden (BE), Volauvant (BE).

We also hosted guest lecturers Kevin Muhlen (BE), Françoise Bonardel (FR), Hans Bockstael (BE), Agnès Geoffray (FR), Grégoire Motte, Thibaut Espiau, Istvan Ist Huzjan (Artist Club Le Coffre-Fort FR-SL), Patrick Guns (BE), Frédéric Danos (FR), Laura Van (BE), Philippe Van Cauteren (BE), Jacques Halbert (FR), Bruno Robbe (BE), Guy-Marc Hinant (BE), Olivier Nourisson (FR), Augustin Gimel (FR), Michael Dans (BE), Denis Lavant (FR), Rolf Quaghebeur (BE), Jean-Michel Botquin (BE), Daniel Vander Gucht (BE), Capsule Biohardcore (Antoine Boute (BE), Chloé Schuiten (BE), Clément Thiry (FR)), Claude Cattelain (FR), Sylvie Coëllier (FR), Jonathan De Winter (BE), André Fortino (FR), Romain Gandolphe (FR), Sonia Dermience (BE), Antony Hudek (BE), Anne-Françoise Lesuisse (BE), Louis Neuville (FR), David Raffini et Florian Pugnaire (FR), Rémi Voche (FR), Joep Vossebeld (NL).