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João COSTA LEAL (PT) - Fugue en avant

There’ll be no boat. However, the logistical support was flawless, we rolled up our sleeves and attached the trailer to the car. We were talking about these boats for months : outspread in the space of Les Brasseurs, as we foresaw it, all sails set or low, hulls melted or ashed, levitating or severed, aligned or circled.
No intended scuttling however. A sudden change of course, a headlong rush. The impossible journey turns into an elopement, and João leads us the way. No regrets. This detour is a relief. The centerpiece turns into a ghost. The subtle elements punctuating the numerous pictorial and performative explorations of the artist intimately unveil his continuous pursuit of wholeness, as an intended purpose but consciously known unachievable. Nothing to distract us from this invisible essential.

Corentin Lahaye, Les Brasseurs