Johana Beaussart (b.1989) is a sound artist, vocalist and performer based in Paris. Focusing on orality, her research is inspired by the structures of discourses that feed a collective memory and a history of speech. Her fascination to the world of dubbing and possibilities of language led Johana Beaussart to develop a practice of the voice playing with illusions, imitations and appearances. In various modes of presentation - radio, installation and performance - she precises her interest in subtle, complex, mysterious or imaginary languages.
Johana Beaussart graduated in 2015 with an MFA from the ENSBA Lyon, France and she pursued at the Art and Sound Creations postgraduate program from the ENSA Bourges, France in 2016.
She has presented her work in various collectif events at DOC!, Paris in 2019, la Factatory, Lyon (2018), Le Comptoir du Livre, Liège/Belgium (2018), Frigo&Co, Le Sucre, Lyon (2018), La Cité des Arts, Paris (2017), Transonic, Bruxelles (2017), City Sonic, Mons/Belgium (2016), Visions, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2016).