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Jacques Di Piazza (BE) -  MEZZA PORTA

Jacques Di Piazza (BE, 1996) is a visual artist who graduated with a Master's degree in painting from La Cambre in 2020. His work develops, among others, in a constant back and forth between the studio, the urban space and the built environment to evoke questions related to the body, architecture and protection. His plastic language calls upon interstices and marginal spaces to investigate their relationships and objections. 

The entire MEZZA PORTA proposal is concerned with thwarting the space, that of an old interior courtyard whose architectural stratagems still persist. By apprehending it by its margins and its flaws, Jacques Di Piazza declines a bit more this border between outside and inside. He plays with this mesh by focusing his attention on the different strata of the building and demarcate it  by his interventions playing on several registers; gleaned objects or casts of these, photographs or workshop productions are mixed. 

Positioning itself in this space as if on the threshold of a house, the exhibition is conceived as a vigil between two states, thus multiplying observations on the transfer of material properties, the stories of objects or the history of the place giving way to new possibilities of existence.

- Antonin Corto Cauwe