Florent Baugnet

HGU is pronounced like its own spelling and could be listened as one’s heard it.

"We quickly found out that the space occupied by Les Brasseurs could provide a precious help in our investigations in sonic spaces. A track from our first album has been recorded there as a test, the whole third segment of the triptych « Ogives » has also been taped in the art center. Playing live in front of an audience should be a symbolic achievement of this exploration."

HGU will perform the whole chapter recorded at Les Brasseurs, other titles of their last album and some new material, especially composed for the occasion. 

Cyrille Lahaye-Goffart : bass, double bass, synths, voice
Alexis Van Doosselaere : drums, percussions, declamation
Tom Malmendier : drums, percussions
Manu Henrion : guitar, trombone, voice
Pavel Tchikov : guitars, synths, voice
Marie Billy : voice, pianet
Zoé Pireaux : voice, transverse flute
Martin Chenel : sax, clarinet, voice
Charlie Maerevoet : sax, clarinet, pianet, voice