Maëlle DUFOUR (BE) - Entre-intérêts

The installation Entre-intérêts deploys in a spatial duality, in the frame of “Watch This Space 10 Biennale”. Before the eyes of various kinds we wander, being observed. In the spotlights, through the darkness of a ruin, under the gazes of bystanders, on a sloping highway… The space in Les Brasseurs reveals itself from the wanderings.
And from being watched, we become the one who observes.
Being someone, becoming everyone and anybody, or nobody.
Because even the one’s watching merges into the subject of his observation.

Maëlle Dufour waves the concept of interest between source of collective unification and exclusive benefit proper to each. By interlinking two geographically distant places, Entre-intérêts creates an intermediate place where the process of reception-transmission is questioned. Bodies, social roles and mutual observation games are in constant shifting.