Florence Giroud 

Florence Giroud, born in 1981, lives in Paris, works somewhere else.

-You will present acte IV of an ongoing project, Opera XXS. Opera XXS seems to be an ambitious project, that is all about to give form to a complex of space, time, interaction in between different media, musicians and yourself. (...) And what is ACT IV about?

-Act 4 is called Change, which is what it's about...
It’s a moving idea, the start of which was the question of the appropriate place to live, does it really exist physically or must we find it somewhere else... Our ancestors created utopia, through the myth of Arcadia, a real place in the Mediterranean mountains. Nowadays, such a place doesn’t exist anymore, there is no ideal location, there is just the place of love and to get there and live there we have to change.
The duality between permanency and change is a tension, any system, any person and any organization is a part of. Thus confronting us with change. Maybe change could create a working system best suited for us everywhere and every time, the only true way to agree with and live what we have to live.

Extract from an Interview with Niels Latomme for KRAAK, November 2017

Act 4 CHANGE 2017-2018

Pierre Bujeau: guitar, electronics (TANZ MEIN HERZ, ZIZI, MEGABASS) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0O7SkIgK2Vs
Romain Hervault: bass (SOCIETE ETRANGE) https://soundcloud.com/societeetrange
Antoine Bellini: keybords, electronics (SOCIETE ETRANGE) https://soundcloud.com/societeetrange
Florence Giroud: sculpture, voice, percussion

The performance will occur within the installation Poor room -There Is No Time, No End, No Today, No Yesterday, No Tomorrow, Only the Forever, and Forever and Forever without End 

120x312x227cm, bricks from XIXth century Liège,  plexiglas, wood, tissues, moss, plants, fabric, dirt of mining heaps of Bernalmont and Batterie-Nouveau, various lights.
Produced during her residence at the Ateliers RAVI in Liège, from February to April 2018.