Peter Fengler 

Peter Fengler (1964 / Culemborg, lives and works in Rotterdam, Antwerp and La Neuville Aux Joutes) is an artist who investigates the relationship between sound and performance art and uses various media such as performance, vinyl records, multiples, installations and sculptures. He also runs DE PLAYER in Rotterdam since 2003, a 'polymorphic production platform' for experiment in the most acute sense of the word. The performances, objects, lectures, radio plays, dad shows, publications, DE PLAYER, etc. are all equally integral parts of his practice. His oeuvre manifests itself in the context of transmedia art where transgressive forms of cooperation between “high art” and underground, high and low culture, outsider and insider art take place. His work musicalises performance, in which grim absurdity, everyday sound and concrete poetry form a stylized sound collage. Or he regards vinyl as sculptures, performances as publications and subconscious association as a composition technique.