Even a stopped EN


© Nikolaj Jessen 


Even a stopped clock is right two times a day - 

Un projet de Jan Duerinck, Bram Van Breda & Gerlinde Van Puymbroeck

As much as we fear repetition, it gives meaning to our actions, relations and is fundamental for how we engage with others, our surroundings.
 Even a stopped clock is right two times a day explores the open space taking shape within this loop, where existing meanings and interpretations become echoes. 

The exhibition deploys as a collective place of constant becoming where language becomes sculpture, sculpture becomes wall, walls become images, images become space and space becomes speech.
With her writings Van Puymbroeck fabulates and fabricates a bewildered space of meaning. Text becomes vulnerable and almost haptic, resonating its absent writer. In the work of Van Breda the writer is present, it is matter and image in itself that seem to disappear in a complex play with their environment. Seemingly the opposite happens in the work of Jan Duerinck where the common manifests itself in image and sculpture shaping the collective, inventing new dimensions within the same physical appearance.

Just as echoes are a glimpse of the absent, an abstract fragmentation of reality.

Jan Duerinck, Bram Van Breda, Gerlinde Van Puymbroeck