Cathy Weyders: Calypso, 2014


Calypso, installation - 540 x 250 x 120 cm, 2014. Lifejackets

glassbox, an artwork Calypso. Cathy Weyders burden and loaded suspension is displayed in Les Brasseurs Young Artist window.

Setting up for an expected wreck while trying to resist the storm with a lifejackets mesh knitting a lifeboat, Calypso is submerging here stirring like a warning light on a turbulent sea, standing freeze as an orange ethnological artefact behind the museum glass.
Modeling the object with a bore piece of irony, giving it an individual though collective amplitude, Cathy Weyders asserts her image as a parade - and a parry - to the coming wave. She continues the characteristic aesthetics of survival she's developing as a signature through the symbolic and singular aspects of that buoy. With and without Ulysses.

Jérôme Mayer