Evelin Brosi & Elvis Bonier is the pseudonym of among others Boris Van den Eynden (born 1984 in Schoten, Belgium, now living and working in Antwerp). [...] "The collaboration between Brosi and Bonier originally resulted from their shared interest in text/script/type and the evolving meaning of these terms under the influence of technological, cultural and institutional developments", V.d.E. explains, [...] in which the power of repetition is turned against repetition itself, in which the fascination with the surplus of 'wit' (Geistigheit) generated by dumb automatic processes is expressed and the experience of unpredictability is achieved by following a predictable path laid out by [...] He also spent two years at (the) Werkplaats Typografie (Arnhem), completed a PhD on word processing and in december 2018 he won 'De Prijs voor Innovatieve Kunstkritische Prakti[...] He has made music with the likes of Borokov Borokov, CUNTST and Laat Maar and contributes to the bi-weekly programme ‘Het Oorkussen van Jezus’ on Radio Centraal (106.7 FM). He is currently working on his second novel, ‘THUIS (een Vlaamse Kroniek,1995-2020)’.