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Antoine BOUTE (BE)

Antoine Boute works at overlapping literature, philosophy, performance and sonic experiences by writing books, performing, teaching (ERG and ESA St-Luc, Brussels) and by organizing events. Last books published : Tout public (Paris, Les Petits Matins), Les Morts rigolos (2014, Paris, Les Petits Matins), S’enfonçant, spéculer (2105, Bruxelles, Onlit) and Inspectant, reculer (2016, Bruxelles, Onlit).

« Antoine Boute is one of the most emblematic representative of experimental poetry in Belgium. His versatile work is characterized by a strong singularity, an identity as unique, hybrid, mutant, troubling, exciting. Philosopher, writer, sonic poet, pornolettrist, conceptual prophet and naturalist, he also dedicates himself to graphic poetry, collective writings, collaborative practices, and organizes events. (…) Demarcations between fiction and reality, music and language are uncertain in his practice. His poetry gets invented in dissolved boundaries, free from the printed page. (…) Author of several publications, he’s a prolific performer and collaborates in numerous projects, such poetic that musical, multimedia or videographic. » Sébastien Biset