Aurélie William Levaux et Baptiste Brunello 

Aurélie William Levaux 

Née dans la campagne belge en 1981, Aurélie William Levaux travaille de manière compulsive, maladroite et désorganisée. Depuis les premières années du siècle en cours, elle publie des romans graphiques (La 5e Couche, Le Dernier Cri, United Dead Artists, Super-Loto, Cambourakis, Tétras Lyre et Atrabile), expose d’à-peu-près-broderies, et œuvre en collaboration avec ses compagnons et époux successifs. 
Auteure, dessinatrice et plasticienne instable empruntant un ton à la fois pessimiste et léger, ses ouvrages prennent la forme de carnets poétiques dessinés voire de journaux intimes à travers lesquels nous sommes plongés dans ses angoisses, ses pulsions, ses envies, ses doutes, et toute sa détestation du monde. Entretenant volontiers un « petit esprit de paysanne », une révolte mal formulée, tantôt celle du petit ou du pauvre, tantôt celle de la femme en quête de Justice, elle ne s’attarde jamais longtemps dans une discipline.

Baptiste Brunello

Baptiste Brunello grew in the Haut-Jura at the beginning of the eighties, from a stadium caretaker father and a supermarket cashier mother.
A curiosity dedicated to visual arts, as well as a taste for words, girls and music, steered him to be a school drop-out. However, holder of a school diary and a canteen access card, since 1992, he’s been entirely dedicating himself entirely to scribbling in margins and to poetry. In Saint-Claude, rugby is a religion and as a poor athlete he didn’t enjoy any recognition of it. The harshness of climate, of people minds, and the peculiar location of the small pipe-crafting town (encircled by an uninterrupted row of natural barriers) has largely fed his desire for exile and independence. 
Unable to reach the required academic level to go to college, he headed by himself, for a vocational qualification as tailor, before considering a specialisation in stage costume designing in Dole. Tired of continuously sewing slippers for the eighty feet of the forty thieves, he abandoned his project to be a tailor…
On summer 2000 he left Franche-Comté to settle in the south of France. He worked there as a cabinetmaker and was simultaneously keeping up working on visual and written artworks, giving him the opportunity to enter Nîmes’ school of fine arts. Author, video maker, assistant director, singer, performer and visual artist by turns, he settled down in Brussels in 2011 where he founded with two friends a place for oddities - LYCAON - primarily dedicated to incongruous living forms.
Since September 2014, Baptiste Brunello is back in France, in Jura, where he’s devoting himself, as much as he can, to his artistic practices.


Lecture performative tentant la conversion d’arguments peu favorables en objets glorieux. 
Baptiste Brunello et Aurélie William Levaux présentent un programme en trois actes à base d’éléments honteux, sur fond d’inutile... pourvu qu’on y réfléchisse.